I am Loader!


     V-Shaped Big Rod
     V-Shaped Medium Holder
     V-Shaped Small Holder – Small Rod Size
     V-Shaped Three Rod
     Tweezers “Molletta”

Clip-Style Wire Holder
Earing Wire Holder

Blow Pipe:
     Igor Model
     Hollow Beads Mandrels
     Without Head

Fine Tweezers:
     Fine Tweezers (Every Sizes)
     Tweezers with Tungsten Tips
     Roses Model
     Ribbed Masher
     Dragon Wings
     Heart 8 mm or 10 mm 
     Shell 10 mm
          Short 14×8 mm
          Long 23×9 mm

Lampworking Tweezers:
     Bird Wings 40 mm o 55 mm
     Parramore Roses Special Steel Handle
     Flat Mashers
     Leaf Stainless Steel Plates
     Ribbed Masher
     Leaf Drawing

Fin Lampworking Mods:

Beads Tweezers:
     Flower with Coper
     Cube Press with Extractor System
     Skull 3D
     Butterfly Press Flat
     Butterfly Press Bent
     Butterfly Wing
     Angel Wing
     Star Press
     Needle Tweezers – Strong Version
     Button (Strong Press)

Rod Preheating Stand
Bench Roller
     Design Base

Jack Revere (Lama 110 mm)
Jack Fuin (Lama 160 mm)
Flame Beads Jack Special Steel
Pacioffi Graphite Blades
Pacioffi Cesare Graphite Blades

Graphite Paddle:
10 x 7 cm Stronger
6 x 8 cm
4 x 6 cm

Ring Mandrels
     Steel Handles:     
          Rounded Ø 15\16\17\18\19\20\21\22 mm
          Squared and Rectangular by Request
          Brass Cylinders Support
          Ø 16\17\18\19\20

Torches (with Simple Support and Marver Included)
Flames Number 6/9/12/15/19/25/36/64

     2 Fingers
     Blowing Grapper
     Blowing Grapper “Forcella”

Lampworking Murrine Molds

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